Frenchibulls French Bulldogs - Australia - Brisbane - Queensland.

French Bulldogs Queensland - Truly Beautiful Purebred French Bulldogs. Brisbane - Queensland - Australia.

Welcome to Frenchibulls French Bulldogs         
Frenchibulls French Bulldogs
"Queensland French Bulldogs"
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Welcome to Frenchibulls French Bulldogs.

My name is Doreen and I am the proud owner of "Frenchibulls" French Bulldogs, Purebred Pedigree Papered and Registered French Bulldogs.

All of my Adult French Bulldogs and Puppies live with in my fully ducted air-conditioned house. With Daily access to our patio shaded court yards, backyard and dog pools.

My French Bulldogs receive daily care and affection from our whole family, including my teenage/young adult children who still live at home. They also have daily/weekly interaction with my young grand children who come to visit often.

My aim is to breed "Quality over Quantity", that is why I only have one or two litters of puppies at a time to make sure my babies receive the best start to life with one on one care and attention. This also helps them to develop amazing personalities and great social skills.

I very carefully researched about Genetic Diseases that this breed can have, before purchasing any to breed from. When purchasing my French Bulldogs I made sure they were fully DNA Tested for "all 5" Genetic Diseases to make sure I would be producing the healthiest pups possible to make sure they would NOT be Affected dogs of any of the Genetic Diseases of this breed.

We live in South East Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. (Logan/ Park Ridge)
I am a Registered Breeder and am registered with the below Purebred Pedigree Papered Dog Registries.

ANKC - Dogs Queensland
MDBA - Master Dog Breeders & Associates

Breeders Supply Number: 4100203292

French Bulldogs Queensland Australia - Frenchibulls




Frenchibulls aim is to breed French Bulldogs that are:
* Beautiful quality Purebred Pedigree Papered puppies available to pet homes and to small in home breeders.
* DNA Tested, Non-affected by Genetic diseases of the French Bulldog Breed.
* We breed Quality rather than Quantity, we only ever have 1 or 2 litters at a time.
* Puppies that receive only the best start to life with around the clock monitoring and care.
* A loving family member that is well socialised and will give you lots of affection.

Phone:  0404 385 998  (Doreen)

How to check that a Registered Breeder is really Registered and they are who they say they are. To date this is the most affective way of confirming a Registered Breeder and their contact details.

All Registered Breeders must provide their contact details to their Registered Breeding Club (MDBA, ANKC etc). You are able to contact these clubs to confirm someone is who they say they are. The Registered Dog clubs can confirm that a name and contact details (phone number / email address) match that of the name and other details you have been provided with to make sure you are really talking with the real breeder and not someone posing as a Registered Breeder. 

If someone contacts you saying they are a registered breeder (using someone's name or prefix) but the contact details (phone number / email) does not match what the Registered Dog Registries have on record the chances are you may have discovered a scammer and in this case it is still important to make the Registered Dog Registry aware of this so they can also make the real breeder aware that someone is using their name / prefix.